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duminică, 2 mai 2010

Review : Avon nail polish

Hello! I know I've been missing a lot, but I have a new blog and I like writing there too. My nails are in a hard period so I had to cut them off. But since I didn't want to be so lazy and not post anything I decided to do some reviews 'till my nails are "back on their feet again" :))!

I have some Avon nail polishes and I though : why not make a review? So here it is.

The first nail polish that I want to present to you guys is  a blue one. The shade is Lagoon no 207.

I didn't like this one very much until I decided to wear it single. So....I like the color, but not the consistency! The brush is ok, but it leaves stroke marks and that's not ok. If you are not careful on applying it, it could make some bubbles, so it depends.

This nail polish has 3 out of 5 points. Hope to hear from you, telling me if you have this nail polish and if you like it.

Late review : Avon Real Red no 0709.


I don't really wear red nail polishes, but i like this one very much.
It gets 4 out of 5 points. See you later!

6 comentarii:

  1. cred ca si eu am ceva in genul (nu-mi dau seama din poza, dar sticlutele sunt asemanatoare), doar ca pe hot pink/lila (nu mai stiu denumirea exacta a nuantei). Dar, in cazul meu, lacul avea consistenta/densitate ok, pensula de asemenea, si nu lasa urme cum ai mentionat. who knows, poate era diferit :-??

    oricum, review-ul a fost okay, si mai astept asemena articole cu privire la produse Avon :) (what can i say, a significant part of my make-up stuff is composed of avon products ^_^" )

  2. Abia imi astept si eu oja "lavanda". Am pofta de unghiute in culori pale ca de inghetata :D

  3. Cristina, astea sunt oje mai vechi(adica cea albastra), intre timp, le-au imbunatatit. Si eu folosesc produse Avon pt k sunt reprezentanta. Ma bucur ca iti plac review-urile , o sa mai fac!

  4. Iulia, si eu abia astept sa imi vina aman2, k am luat-o si pe aia albastra. pwp

  5. I like it too, Nookie! Thanks for stopping by!