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miercuri, 30 martie 2011

marți, 29 martie 2011

Lady butterfly

Hi! This design is a request I did a while back,but I didn't had the chance to show it. Here it is :

It's kind of blurry(I'm sorry),but I don't have anything else :D

joi, 24 martie 2011

vineri, 18 martie 2011

Blue Flowers using Acrylic Paints

Hello,my lovelies! It has been a week I thing since I haven't posted,but what a week it was:))) I was very busy and I really hadn't had the time to do any nail design,but this one is from last week cause I forgot to post it :)):

I only wore them for a day because they washed up when I did the dishes with hot water.

joi, 10 martie 2011

Edgy Corset

Hi! I'm really excited about this mani. I wanted to do this for a long time,but didn't quite got around to do it. Here it is:

At first I did the black lines with a nail polish(on my pinky)but it didn't turned out good so I've continued with acrylic paints and I really like it!!

luni, 7 martie 2011

Something new

Hello!!! I have something new for U today : I used a "fishnet"-lace-ish design :

And I really want to talk about this nail polish I got from Avon ,it's called "splendid blue" and it's the base color I've used:

I adore this color and the sparkle in it .
Have a great spring!!!

miercuri, 2 martie 2011

Request: Fake nails

Hi! I did a request mani for my cousin. I did some fake nails and a small detail flower:

hope you like it!!!

marți, 1 martie 2011

Lady Bugs for Spring

Hi! I wish u all a happy spring!!! Where I live it's still snowing :| but I wanted spring on my nails :

They are so easy to do and they will make u smile each time u look at them!
Take care!