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vineri, 31 decembrie 2010

Winter Series : New Years Eve II

Hello! 2011 is so close!!!!! The today's design was requested by my cousin for her New Year's Eve party:

I'm sorry for the lightening,but I did them late last night.
Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!!

miercuri, 29 decembrie 2010

Winter Series : New Years Eve

Hello! This design is my first one for New Years Eve :

I really like this nail art design,it's very sparkle-ish.

marți, 28 decembrie 2010

Winter Series: Christmas Nails

Hello! I hope you had a happy holiday. This is a quick post to show you a Christmas design. These are the nails I wore for Christmas Day:

Hope you like!

miercuri, 22 decembrie 2010

Winter Series : Simple Ones

Hello!!! Christmas is really soon and my winter series are coming to an end(not today:))). I'm so sad about this, I wanted to do more designs,but I really don't have the time, 'cause you know what it's like around the holidays.
Today I have three simple designs for girls that don't have the time or the patience to do some more complicated ones.
So here they are:

Hope you like it!

sâmbătă, 18 decembrie 2010

Winter Series : Oh,Christmas tree!

Hello my lovelies!
The holidays are coming...the holidays are coming :))
This is such an awesome period of the year and I enjoy it very much,I'm a holiday and snow addict :)).
The design I did today is a Christmas tree with a snowy background:

These are the steps:

I enjoyed very much doing this design, I think It's perfect for the Christmas day!

joi, 16 decembrie 2010

Winter Series : Snowman And Snow

Hello! Today I have a very cute design for you all . I made this yesterday evening,before I decorated my x-mas tree!!!!

I was in the mood with my nails painted like this,the x-mas tree,carols and my hot cinnamon chocolate!!!

miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010


Update : Am castigat acest giveaway!!! Yeyyyyy! Si astazi am fost la posta sa imi ridic premiul . Abia astept sa le incerc. Multumesc "depozitului de frumusete " si "konad addict" !

Depozitul de frumusete si Konad Addict va invita sa participati la giveaway!

Care este premiul?

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Pentru a participa , intrati AICI!!!

Winter Series : X-mas Lollipops

Hello! I just love x-mas lollipops and all about x-mas sweets. So this is my design for today :

They are really easy to do. All you need is a pen and your favorite colors, then you just have to do circles of color until you achieve your desired lollipop!

Happy holidays !!!

joi, 2 decembrie 2010

Winter Series: Snowflakes

Hello! It's freezing outside, winter is finally here!!! So let the winter designs come!!!!! First one is a snowflake on a dark blue background :

First I've applied two coats of the dark blue, then I took a thin long brush and i did the snowflakes. I've applied two coats of glittery nail polish and that's all.

warm kisses to all!!! And have a great winter!