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sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2011

Cherry Blossoms for Spring

Hello! I'm back with a design for short nails. I'm so sad because of my nails :| they have never been so short and it really bugs me off !!!
I'm trying to like them so I'm pushing myself towards complicated designs, so they would look cute :D

They look much better on real life :))
Hope you try them out and let me know!!!

joi, 28 aprilie 2011

Back with Hello Kitty

Hello,my lovelies! I'm back :D I know I've been away for a long time,but I was so busy with Easter and stuff ... I have crappy nails :( I don't even feel like painting them anymore,but I saw a cute design that lifted my mood on Kandee's blog(
Here it is :

Aren't they sooooo cute ? And it doesn't have to be perfect,just have fun with it :))

luni, 11 aprilie 2011

Concurs de primavara La Mirela!!!

Mirela organizeaza un frumos concurs de primavara,care are ca premiu o minunata paleta Mirlans:

pentru mai multe detalii click AICI!!!!

luni, 4 aprilie 2011

Baby Blue Bows

Hi! Very cute design today, I adore this color and the way the nails came out <3:

Do you think they are adorable or what? :))