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miercuri, 31 martie 2010

tag:40 beauty questions

I was tagged by iulia to answer 40 beauty questions. Although, I'm not a beauty guru I'll try my best:)
How many times do you wash your face daily?
usually, about 2 times.
What skin type do you have?
i have combination to oily skin.
What is your current facial wash?
Avon's Planet SPA white tea facial cleanser.
Do you exfoliate?
yes, at least twice a week.
What brand do you use?
What moisturizer do you use?
Avon's Solutions Maximum Moisture a.m, p.m
Do you have freckles?
Do you use eye cream?
yes, i have recently started to use an eye cream.
Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
i never had acne prone skin, i sometimes have some pimples , that's it.
Did you ever have to use Pro-Activ?
What foundation do you use?
revlon's photoready foundation.
How about concealer?
i'm looking for a good one, haven't found it yet!
Do you know your undertone color?
yes, i have yellow undertone.
What do you think of fake eyelashes?
i rarely use them . i don't like the way they feel on my eyelashes.
Did you know you were supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
yes, but i don't thing that someone takes that into consideration.
What brand of mascara do you use?
rimmel, avon
Sephora or Mac?
Do you have a Mac Pro card?
obviously .....not!
What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
mostly fingers......and brushes.
Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?
i do use a base, my primer is on the way....:))
For the face?
i did, but it didn't do anything for me not anymore!
What is your favorite eyeshadow?color or shade?
i really love pinks & purples, it matches my green eyes.
Do you use pencil or liquid liner?
pencil, i wanna get l'oreal lineur intense.
How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil? really rarely.
What do you think of pigment eye shadows?
i love pigments.
Do you use mineral makeup?
i'm allergic to mineral make-up
What is your favorite lipstick?
i don't have one.
How about lipgloss?
maybelline's watershine in transparent.
What is your favorite blush to use?
i love Avon's pearls.
Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?
i would never.
Do you like drugstore makeup?
i love drugstore make-up.
Do you go to CCO's?Cosmetic Company Outlet?
since i'm living in the bottom of the
Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Name a makeup crime that you hate?
red lips with sky blue make-up.
Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick or eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
Which celebrity always has great makeup?
sine they all have a make-up artist behind them....i love J.LO's neutral make-up.
If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?
Could you leave the house without any makeup on?
i rarely do.
Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
in the summer.
In your opinion what is the BEST makeup line?
none. everyone has a fault.
What do you think of makeup?
it's a really good way to make you emphasis your aspect.

THAT'S IT! I tag everybody who want's to do this tag:ahanhbarbie,kandee the make-up artist,MakeupByLeinaBaaaby.

luni, 29 martie 2010

fimo flower

hello, girls! i've got something new for you today:fimo flowers!
this is what you will need:

first, as always apply base coat and 1-2 coats of pink(or every color of your choice):

after that, you have to take a thin brush red polish and finely add strokes starting above the base of the nail, so that it creates a fading effect:

now, take a thin brush polish with gold sparkles and do the same think.

it's time for the fimo flowers. take pink and blue flowers and gentle add them to the corners of the nails, making sure to press them so they won't fall.

add silver sparkles on the tip of the nails, round the flower for a better grip. and that's all! hope you like it!

joi, 25 martie 2010

stardust nails

hi, girls! i've bought some new nail polishes today, and one of them was a deep blue. so......i've created a stardust design inspired by the beautiful universe!
first, apply base coat and 1-2 coats of deep blue. then , with some gold sparkle, draw a diagonal thick line on the nail, and a silver sparkle diagonal right beside the first one. add some gold rhinestones, top coat ans you're done. this design is really easy and let me know if you try it out. bizou:*

miercuri, 24 martie 2010

how to: apply rhinestones

hi! i'm gonna teach you how to apply rhinestones. after you have done your manicure and you feel it's kind of boring, you can always add some spice:add rhinestones! at first apply some base coat on the nail, choose what kind of rhinestones you like.take a wet q-tip with whom you lift the rhinestones and place them on the right spot. the q-tip being wet helps you to have more control over what you are lifting up, and you can apply a little bit of pressure on the rhinestone so it will adhere better. add heavy top coat and you're done!  

pink & purple request

hi! this was a request by my sister-in-law Gaby. she wanted something pink and with rhinestones. so..this is it!

i've applied base coat, one thick coat of pink and draw 3 heavy lines with purple, then quickly with a toothpick mixed the two color, going in zig-zag! i applied some small blue rhinestones on the tip and a light blue flower on the middle of the nail. at the end, i've applied 2 coats of top coat, just to make sure that the rhinestones won't fall of! hope you like it . enjoy:*

marți, 23 martie 2010

how to do a hygienic manicure

in a previous post i've mentioned that you should do a hygienic manicure at least once a week. today i'm gonna show you how to do it. the first think you have to do is clean your nails if you have any nail polish on them .

you have to use an acetone free enamel remover. i'm using AVON's "nail experts enamel remover acetone free". it's really good.

after that, you have to use a scrub to massage your hands & nails. i'm using AVON's "rough skin remover", to exfoliate and to remove any dead skin.

then, in a bowl of warm water add some oils or some bubble bath and soak your hands for 5-8 min.

dry your hands with a cloth, and clip your nails if necessary.

push your cuticles with a special tool, you can find them at any nail supply store. since you have soaked your nails, this step will be much easier to do.

file and buff your nails, using a nail buffer.

use a cuticle oil, or simply some olive oil to massage your cuticles so they are hydrated and you don't have that ugly dead skin that sometimes is soring.

the last step is applying a base coat. you always have to have base coat on your nails, even if you're not wearing any nail polish, always put base coat. mine is from CORAL, it has calcium and UV filter, it protects the nail from breakage. you can choose whatever works best for you and your nails.

and there you have, healthy looking nails.after you are done don't forget the hand & nail cream with vitamin E, calcium and glycerine.

purple nails!!!!!!

hi! i've purchase a new nail polish, it's purple and i've done a purple design, of course!!!! start with base coat , 1-2 coats of purple(or any color of your choice).

then you take a white nail polish(a matte one, just like the one for french manicure)and draw two lines in the corner of the nail, it doesn't have to be perfect, then draw another two lines with pink.

take a glittery nail polish and a thin tip brush and start dragging your nail polish towards the very corner of the nail so that it drags all colors.

if you want to, you can add some rhinestones, i chose some blue ones, but this is optional. here's how everything should look like.

hope you like it. let me know if you try it out, or if you have any questions! bizou:*

duminică, 21 martie 2010


hello! spring has finally arrived and all the creatures are coming to life. so i've created butterflies!!!!!yey.....! start with base coat and 1-2 coats of a bright pink!

then apply 1-2 coats of sparkle.

take a piece of blotting paper and blot some white polish, with a pen make 2-3 dots one next to the other and on the other side make other 2-3 dots. with a toothpick drag from the middle of every dot towards the center, and in the center place another white dot. make 2-3 dots on the outside if you want to . add top coat and enjoy!!!


hi, girl! today i've tried to do a "swirl" design. apply base coat, one thick coat of pink, than quickly draw black lines like a "+" then two others in between, take a toothpick and from the center start making circles, so that you drag the nailpolish and make a swirl effect. add top coat and that's all! bizou:*

joi, 18 martie 2010

smile! it confuses people

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy-seven and sixty-nine revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When the head of state didn't play guitar
Not everybody drove a car
When music really mattered and when radio was king
When accountants didn't have control
And the media couldn't buy your soul
And computers were still scary and we didn't know everything

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy-seven and sixty-nine revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When pop stars still remained a myth
And ignorance could still be bliss
And when god saved the queen she turned a whiter shade of pale
My mom and dad were in their teens
And anarchy was still a dream
And the only way to stay in touch was a letter in the mail

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy-seven and sixty-nine revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

When record shops were still on top
And vinyl was all that they stocked
And the super info highway was still drifting out in space
Kids were wearing hand me downs
And playing games meant kick arounds
And footballers still had long hair and dirt across their face

Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
In seventy-seven and sixty-nine revolution was in the air
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair
I was born too late into a world that doesn't care
Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair

miercuri, 17 martie 2010

DO's & DON'Ts

DON'T:- use nail polishes that have harsh chemicals in it, it will weaken the nails and make them brake faster
- bite your nails, it's so ugly and unhygienic
- use your fingernails as tools for opening stuff, or pushing stuff
- cut your cuticles, it will cause bleeding and infection
- push your cuticles to much
- allow your manicurista to touck your nails with tools that haven't been disinfected previously
- soak your nails to much, they will brake

DO - ware nail treatments everyday, with vitamin E and calcium to strengthen your nails
- use a hand & nail cream
- ware gloves when you wash dishes
- put a base coat before the actual nail polish, it will avoid discoloration of the nail
- use cuticle oil(like olive oil). you will soften your cuticles and you can push them easier

how to take care of your nails

hi, girls! today we are gonna talk about hands & nails, how to take care of them. hands are important tools that we use when we communicate with other people. that's why we have to take good care of our hands&nails.
STEP 1:so, first is first:wash your hands often, as many times as you can, it's very important to have clean hands. you can use a moisturizing gel/soap, and immediately apply a hand&nail cream(with glycerine and vitamins) so that it can help your skin feel smother.
STEP 2:do a hygienic manicure at least once a week. and by hygienic manicure i mean putting your hands in a bowl of warm water, let them soak for 5 min, push your cuticles, buff & file your finger nails .
this are the most valuable advices i can give you, everybody wants those hands that could take a writer 2 pages to describe. bizou:*

luni, 15 martie 2010

stamping nail art

hi, girls! i wanna show you today a different type of nail art:stamping!
start with base coat,1-2 cots of a bold color(i chose orange) . then the fun begins. you need special stamping tools for this.

you have a special blade with different patterns on it, i chose to do a flower. apply black polish on the design like in the picture.

then, with an eraser , take all of the excess nail polish.

with a special stamp, go over your design and apply it on your finger nail.

and you're done! apply top coat and some rhinestones if you like.

tiger print

hello girls! this is a super easy design. all you need is a base coat, red & black nail polish and a thin brush. apply your base coat and 1-2 coats of red. then, with your thin brush draw thin black lines starting from the outside of the nail towards the inside. don't draw the lines facing each other, but "to complete themselves". it's better if you practice a few strokes on a piece of paper, then on your nails, just to get a steady hand. let me know if you try it out. bizou:*