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luni, 10 mai 2010

Ice cream cones

Hello, my lovelies! I'm so excited about this design, but the problem is that a have small finger nails to do this, so it didn't came out that pretty.
But still, apply base coat, do a background of your choice(mine is a gradient purple).I did ice cream cones only on my ring finger and my big finger. Take a dark brown color and a thin brush and draw the cone. After has dried a little bit, take a needle and do some strokes.

With a pen and colors of your choice place the ice cream on the cones.

Add top coat to your ice cream scoups and place some glitter on top of the last one.

That's it!

4 comentarii:

  1. Oh, I know what you mean about small nails, mine are small too and sometimes hard to stamp what I want to stamp on them. However, it obviously does look like a sweet ice cream cone - I love it!

  2. Thank you! I can't wait for my nails to grow back:)) so that I can do some bigger design!