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miercuri, 29 septembrie 2010

Blue Glaze

Today is really ugly outside so I wanted a design that will bring me a little smile. So I did a blue,glittery, funny manicure:

It's easy to do, but it takes a little bit longer than usual because of the blue glitter.

I thought about doing some fall design, would you like that?
Or some Halloween manis????????

luni, 27 septembrie 2010

Flowers Again

Hi! I've been very lazy these days and haven't been in the mood for nails.
I really have to get some acrylics to do some cool designs, until then this is the design :

First, I did a marble affect with iridescent white and plain white:

Then, I did the flowers and some lines on my ring finger:

Hope you try it out!!!

joi, 23 septembrie 2010

luni, 20 septembrie 2010

Marble Blue

Hi!! I have a blue-ish design today.
Here it is :

First, paint your nails pink or a nude color. We'll work wet on wet. Paint a white tip and make blue and silver dots.

Then, with a toothpick, do swirls. Add blue rhinestones and that's it!!!

P.S. I've reached 50 subscribers!!! YEy!!!!

joi, 16 septembrie 2010

Different Fading

Hi! Today I have a different fading effect , one that is not done with a sponge, but with clear nail polish.
This is the finished design:

First, I did a french tip with white and with clear polish I dragged the color towards the base of the nail:

After it has dried, I did the same thing with a coral nail polish:

Then, I've cleaned up everything and I did my design .

For any questions .... ask!!!

marți, 14 septembrie 2010

Silver Leopard

Hello! So, Fall is here and I've been feeling some dark colors on my nails, maybe because they are short right now, and dark colors favor them.
Today I have a silver leopard design that looks like this :

First, I've painted my nails a dark silver color that I have made up from two old nails polishes(I got this idea from Anda ):

Then,I did some leopard print strokes with a small brush :

At the end, I have filled those black spaces with a gray color also made by myself:

This is it, seal with top coat(simple or sparkly).

luni, 6 septembrie 2010

Fall Colors : Purple Black

Hello,honeys! I've been away for a while, I'm sorry.
I've shorten my nails, because they were very long and I was afraid they will brake really ugly. Since my nails are really short and Fall came, I've decided to try some of my fav dark fall colors.
Later update : my dark blue nail polish:

The first one is a dark purple. It's black, but outside it's a dark purple and I love these kind of nail polishes. Mine is one from Naty, not very expensive, but you can buy whatever fits you well.
This is the color, I'm sorry that on camera you can't really see that in the sun it's purple:

I've added a purple fimo flower, just for fun.
So, tell me : What's your fav fall color????