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miercuri, 30 iunie 2010


Hi! Toady I have a really simple design, perfect for every season and almost every occasion.

Here is how I did it : First, I did a fading effect with white, then I took a thin brush and black nail polish and I draw some big stars and some little ones. I applied some pink rhinestones on my ring and big finger and that's all.

Susie's giveaway!!!!

Susie is having an awsome giveaway here!!!


luni, 28 iunie 2010

Beach Sunset

Hello! As promised, I will post every other day. Today I'm wearing a really cute design, perfect for summer, especially for the beach. I'm sorry this is not my idea, i wish it was, but this design is inspired by the beautiful Julieg713 on YouTube,you can go check out her video, she's so cute.
So this is how my design came out:

I used a different method than Julie, I used the sponge method, I just though it's easier to do.
Basically, what I did is using the sponge and applying the colors from the base of the nail going up : red,coral,purple,blue,black-purple.
After that i did that yellow spot which is the sun and some black birds fling.

This is it! Hope you'll like it!

duminică, 27 iunie 2010

Palm Tree and Background

Hello! It's good to be back, sorry for being away for such a long time. I promise I will post at least 2-3 times a week. Today I have a really nice design: it's a beach background and a lonely palm tree. This is the design:

I'm sorry for the quality of the pictures.

I will do step by step designs when my camera "gets better".
Hope you like it and it's good to be back!

sâmbătă, 19 iunie 2010

Purple Love

I'm really busy these days and I didn't had the time to post or thing about nay new designs. Still, I saw a really cute design over Katrina's blog and I decided to do it!
It's really easy to do, so there's nothing to explain about it.

luni, 7 iunie 2010

Zebra nails!!!!!

Hi! I said I'm not going to do more designs, since I'm in my exams session, but I could not resist my new ideas. Today I did a Zebra design. It's my first one of this kind, so be patient with me...
This is the final look, finger & toe nails:

After a base coat,you apply 1-2 coats of matte white nail polish:

With a thin tip brush, draw some lines on your nails:

Then draw some more connection lines to fill up all your nail:

Add some sparkle accents, top coat and that's it!!!!!

duminică, 6 iunie 2010

Cute Dragonflies

Hello, my lovelies! I was so wrong about my previous design, the one with lots of sparkle: I got bored with it and it took forever to wipe it off. I'm never doing that again, although it looked cute. So I did another design, something that I have wanted to do for such a long time : dragonfly!!!!!!!
So here is the design:

Step 1: apply base coat and one coat of purple or any other color that you like:

Step 2 : make a big black dot(the head of the dragonfly) on the left corner of the nail and several smaller dots toward the base of the nail:

Step 3: With gold, make the wings:


Step 4: Apply top coat.
And there you have it : cute dragonflies on your nails!!!!

marți, 1 iunie 2010

Nail collection!

I'm in the mood for nails today . I did a little nail collection with some nails design I haven't presented on this blog. Tell me if you want me to do a special tutorial for a design. Enjoy:

Gradient Sparkle

Hello, you guys! I'm very busy these days with the exams coming on and lot of stress, so I did a mani that would last me at least a week since I don't have the time to do my nails every other day. Here it is:

Start with base coat and a gold sparkle nail polish:

Apply top coat on the upper third of your nails and place some orange glitter on that portion:

Apply top coat on the very top of the nail and place brown sparkle there:

Apply lots of top coat to hold everything on place and that's all! Enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to ask at Danu55a at yahoo dot com.