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marți, 27 iulie 2010

Panda Nail Design

Hello! Long time! I've been away for a period of time , but I'm back.
Today I have a Panda design for you guys. Panda's are so cute so why not make a design.
Here's the final look(sorry for the quality of the pictures,my camera is not good yet):

First, I've applied base coat(I'm using Avon's Peeling and Brittleness Solver) and 1 coat of a sheer nude color :

Next I've sponged a metallic gray like a half moon(you can't really see it in the picture):

Next I started to make the actual Panda. I made the head with white and then I've created the ears, eyes, arms and nose:

Last I did some kind of green plants and I've added some green rhinestones on the ring finger:

I hope you enjoy this design, I think it's really cute. Hope you are all doing great, have a nice week!

vineri, 9 iulie 2010

Cherry Blossom

HI! I have a new design today !!!!! It's an asian themed design : cherry blossom.
Here's the design :

First apply base coat and 1-2 coats of a barbie pink color:

Then make some flowers with white:

Make some branches with a dark brown color:

Add some pink to your flowers and some accents to the branches:

Add some pink rhinestones and top coat!!

Hope you like it!!!!

luni, 5 iulie 2010

Corner Flowers

Hello! I did a really easy floral design today, not really in the mood.
Here it is:

First I painted my nails a sheer iridescent color:

Next, I did 3 white petals in the corner of the nail:

After that, I've outlined the petals with red:

You can leave it like that, but I also did some coral and some sparkle accents, some dots, applied top coat and that's it.
Have a nice week everyone!!!!