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sâmbătă, 30 octombrie 2010

FUnky Flowers

Hi! I hate having small nails , so my designs aren't that great these days, but I'm still trying . So here is what I made :



joi, 28 octombrie 2010

Ultimate Halloween

Hello! I've gathered together all kind of Halloween symbols in one design. You can do them all together or separate. This is my way :


Hope you try it !!!

sâmbătă, 23 octombrie 2010

Halloween Series : Spiderlicious

Hello! There's only one week left until Halloween and today I'm starting a series of inspired designs. The first one is a really easy to do spider:

Fist I painted my nails a dark purple and then I did various spiders on my nails with black, filled them up with gray and added some silver accents.
Hope you try it out!

joi, 14 octombrie 2010

Glitter & Roses

Hi! College started so I'm a little bit busy, but I hope I will stay on track with my posts.
So this is my design :

This is what I've used :

Here's some more photos:


miercuri, 6 octombrie 2010

A Classy One

Hello, girls! This is design is inspired by my boyfriend's words. He wanted me to have classic nails, he doesn't like too many colors,rhinestones,busyness on my nails, so here is my manicure :

I just did a sponged white tip and a simple flower on my ring finger. Of course I couldn't resist and I did a glittery top coat, but that's all.


luni, 4 octombrie 2010

Inspired : Rihanna Flames

Hi! Today I've got my inspiration from Rihanna & Eminem's song: Love The Way You Lie!
I really loved the flames and that bright red .
So here is my design :

This is the bright red :

I don't really like using red, I think it's just to powerful, but I love the way it came out on this design .

This is what I used:

Hope you enjoy it and try it out!!