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luni, 12 aprilie 2010

Gradient blue and flower

Hello! Tomorrow I'm going to wear a blue outfit so i did a blue inspiration nails. After the base coat, I've started to do a gradient effect(I already have another gradient post here). Start with a pale blue and a sponge and apply it from the tip of the nail going downwards but stop before you touch the cuticle.

Do the same thing with a dark blue and stop in the middle of the nail.

You could leave it like this, but I though it's a bit boring so I did a little flower on the ring finger. I took a thin brush and a white nail polish and started to drew a flower and some dots around it. If you want to, you can underline it with pink like I did, I just think it's much more cute this way. I also placed a tiny dot of sparkle in the middle of the flower.

And here's what you'll need for this design. If you try it out, show me!

7 comentarii:

  1. Thanks, Cristina! Maybe you'll try it!

  2. Haha, am vazut azi manichiura asta :D. Tre' sa-mi fac si eu unghiile ca am neglijat putin acest aspect (doar de ieri :D)

  3. Iulia, niciodata sa nu iti mai neglijezi unghiile!:))

  4. Eh, se mai intampla :)) (o data la juma de an :D). Pentru ca nu le dadusem nici macar cu lac s-au rupt :((