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sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010

An award and a challenge!

Thanks to the lovely Jules that awarded me and challenged me.  

1. Have a nickname?

Well, Danussa.

2. Where do you live?

 Bucharest, Romania

3.  Height?

 1.60 m

4. Name day?

Yes, on 8th of November, my other name is Gabriela.

5. Occupation?


6. Any brothers/sisters?

Yes, 2 big brothers.

7. Native language?


8. Any others languages you speak?

 English, french ,spanish.

9. You collect .....

Coins(old money), and lighters.

10.  Shoes number?

 :)) 37.

11. Studies?

 College, first year, i'm a freshman:">

12.  Fav subject?

 Ohh, don't have any...

13.  Hobbies?

 Where should I start??????? Nails, beauty, books, sightseeing.

14.  Pocket money?

My mom's decision:)))

15.  Dreams?


16.  Lucky number?


17. You would like to visit again.....?


18. Pets?

I have 4: 3 dogs and a parrot.

19.  A wish ?

I wish the world to be a better place.

I award and tag : susie , camy  and everybody else.

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