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marți, 23 martie 2010

how to do a hygienic manicure

in a previous post i've mentioned that you should do a hygienic manicure at least once a week. today i'm gonna show you how to do it. the first think you have to do is clean your nails if you have any nail polish on them .

you have to use an acetone free enamel remover. i'm using AVON's "nail experts enamel remover acetone free". it's really good.

after that, you have to use a scrub to massage your hands & nails. i'm using AVON's "rough skin remover", to exfoliate and to remove any dead skin.

then, in a bowl of warm water add some oils or some bubble bath and soak your hands for 5-8 min.

dry your hands with a cloth, and clip your nails if necessary.

push your cuticles with a special tool, you can find them at any nail supply store. since you have soaked your nails, this step will be much easier to do.

file and buff your nails, using a nail buffer.

use a cuticle oil, or simply some olive oil to massage your cuticles so they are hydrated and you don't have that ugly dead skin that sometimes is soring.

the last step is applying a base coat. you always have to have base coat on your nails, even if you're not wearing any nail polish, always put base coat. mine is from CORAL, it has calcium and UV filter, it protects the nail from breakage. you can choose whatever works best for you and your nails.

and there you have, healthy looking nails.after you are done don't forget the hand & nail cream with vitamin E, calcium and glycerine.

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