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luni, 15 martie 2010

stamping nail art

hi, girls! i wanna show you today a different type of nail art:stamping!
start with base coat,1-2 cots of a bold color(i chose orange) . then the fun begins. you need special stamping tools for this.

you have a special blade with different patterns on it, i chose to do a flower. apply black polish on the design like in the picture.

then, with an eraser , take all of the excess nail polish.

with a special stamp, go over your design and apply it on your finger nail.

and you're done! apply top coat and some rhinestones if you like.

3 comentarii:

  1. ai folosit Konad, nu?
    they are great ^_^, dar pt a aplica modelul e mai bine a se folosi lacul special din set. Lacul normal doesn't work that well all the time :(

  2. nu am lacurile speciale, stiu ca sunt mult mai pigmentate , de aceea sunt folosite doar pt modele , nu pt aplicare pe toata unghia. merge si cu o oja normala, inchisa si ceva mai pigmentata. te mai astept pe la mine.

  3. te am la blogroll, fii sigura ca o sa mai trec ^_^