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luni, 6 septembrie 2010

Fall Colors : Purple Black

Hello,honeys! I've been away for a while, I'm sorry.
I've shorten my nails, because they were very long and I was afraid they will brake really ugly. Since my nails are really short and Fall came, I've decided to try some of my fav dark fall colors.
Later update : my dark blue nail polish:

The first one is a dark purple. It's black, but outside it's a dark purple and I love these kind of nail polishes. Mine is one from Naty, not very expensive, but you can buy whatever fits you well.
This is the color, I'm sorry that on camera you can't really see that in the sun it's purple:

I've added a purple fimo flower, just for fun.
So, tell me : What's your fav fall color????

7 comentarii:

  1. Lila - oja de la Avon <3. Vreau sa-mi pun unghii false. Ce parere ai? :D

  2. Iulia, ji mie imi place lila-ul de la Avon. Nu, ti-am mai spus k unghiile false sunt un dezastru penru unghiile tale naturale. Mai bine ai "putintica rabdare" cu ale tale si vei vedea ca o sa fie bine.pup

  3. Hey! Te-am adaugat la blogroll din nou:)) Mi-am schimbat adresa blogului (sunt fosta Ara - intri la mn si iei tu de sus adresa :D), dar titlul e la fel :D.

  4. Ce-mi place prima manichiura :X:X:X cu pietricele albastre.

  5. so cute
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  6. Iulia, I'm glad! It's a really cute dark blue color!!!