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joi, 26 august 2010

Glam Girl Inspired

Hello! Today my design is inspired by the lovely 3TanjaJ3 on YouTube that did this design originally. Mine is a bit different.
This is my interpretation:

I really enjoyed doing this design, hope you like it!!!

9 comentarii:

  1. really pretty ^_^
    Expecially the little black high heel shoe :D

  2. WOW! I love it!!! I want to try it, but i do not have artificial nails, and my natural nails are short =( But i like it very much, i might try it and adjust it to a shorter nail...You are so talented and cant wait to see more ;)

  3. Aranza, you can try it even if you have short nails, it's really easy to do!!!

  4. Buna!Imi place f.mult blogul tau!!!Si cu atat m.mult modelele realizate de tine!!!
    As avea si eu o intrebare: "Din experienta ta de pana acum, ce marca de oja rezista mai mult pe unghi?"

  5. Ankasi, din ceea ce gasesti pe piata la noi, marci nu prea cunoscute, din ce am incercat eu Flormar! Din marcile mai scumpe O.P.I. Important este sa folosesti un base coat bun si neaparat un top coat, asa orice marca de oja vei folosi, va dura mai mult!