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marți, 10 august 2010

Inspired : Purple and Flowers

Hello! I got a new pair of sandals and I love the design they here we are with a nail design inspired.
These are the sandals:

And this is the design :

It's really easy to do :

If you have any design ideas, feel free to " throw them at me ".

8 comentarii:

  1. Thanks, Special K! Welcome to my blog!!!

  2. De unde sunt sandalele? Sunt cuteeee :X

  3. Love the nails. You are toooooooooo talented! I will definitely try it =D Im a new follower, by the way!

  4. Pe am pus o postare noua, s-ar putea sa te intereseze, check in!
    Te pup! Gabriela

  5. Iulia, sandalele sunt de prin Muncii, mama e responsabila de ele :))