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luni, 7 iunie 2010

Zebra nails!!!!!

Hi! I said I'm not going to do more designs, since I'm in my exams session, but I could not resist my new ideas. Today I did a Zebra design. It's my first one of this kind, so be patient with me...
This is the final look, finger & toe nails:

After a base coat,you apply 1-2 coats of matte white nail polish:

With a thin tip brush, draw some lines on your nails:

Then draw some more connection lines to fill up all your nail:

Add some sparkle accents, top coat and that's it!!!!!

8 comentarii:

  1. Foarte misto :D. Daca-mi gasesc oja alba imi fac si eu daca nu-mi fac iar in degrade :)) :D. M-am indragostit de modelul ala :)

  2. Stiu ca e draguts si usor de facut, dar si asta este fun. Sper sa il incerci!

  3. Foarte foarte dragut!!! Imi place mult!