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duminică, 6 iunie 2010

Cute Dragonflies

Hello, my lovelies! I was so wrong about my previous design, the one with lots of sparkle: I got bored with it and it took forever to wipe it off. I'm never doing that again, although it looked cute. So I did another design, something that I have wanted to do for such a long time : dragonfly!!!!!!!
So here is the design:

Step 1: apply base coat and one coat of purple or any other color that you like:

Step 2 : make a big black dot(the head of the dragonfly) on the left corner of the nail and several smaller dots toward the base of the nail:

Step 3: With gold, make the wings:


Step 4: Apply top coat.
And there you have it : cute dragonflies on your nails!!!!

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