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miercuri, 17 martie 2010

how to take care of your nails

hi, girls! today we are gonna talk about hands & nails, how to take care of them. hands are important tools that we use when we communicate with other people. that's why we have to take good care of our hands&nails.
STEP 1:so, first is first:wash your hands often, as many times as you can, it's very important to have clean hands. you can use a moisturizing gel/soap, and immediately apply a hand&nail cream(with glycerine and vitamins) so that it can help your skin feel smother.
STEP 2:do a hygienic manicure at least once a week. and by hygienic manicure i mean putting your hands in a bowl of warm water, let them soak for 5 min, push your cuticles, buff & file your finger nails .
this are the most valuable advices i can give you, everybody wants those hands that could take a writer 2 pages to describe. bizou:*

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