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joi, 8 decembrie 2011

Roses and Ice

Hello my lovelies! I have such a girlie design today for you guys.

I did a sponge effect as my base and then I've created the roses with acrylic paints and I've added some green beads in the middle .
I think they are adorable , what do you think?
P.S. : I already have some holiday designs made for you. I'll post them soon!

4 comentarii:

  1. Arata foarte bine. Trandafirii ti-au iesit superb. Am si eu in plan sa fac odata trandafiri, insa imi e un pic teama. O sa mai imi fac un pic de curaj pana vine sezonul lor :D

  2. @angighita : nu sunt greu de facut si sunt mai multe tehnici. Ai sa vezi dupa ce incerci o data! Succes!