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miercuri, 8 decembrie 2010


Update : Am castigat acest giveaway!!! Yeyyyyy! Si astazi am fost la posta sa imi ridic premiul . Abia astept sa le incerc. Multumesc "depozitului de frumusete " si "konad addict" !

Depozitul de frumusete si Konad Addict va invita sa participati la giveaway!

Care este premiul?

Mascara pentru volum Miss Rose
Eyeliner negru Miss Rose
Gloss #17 Miss Rose
Cutie 12 culori fard
Set de pensule pt machiaj
Pentru a participa , intrati AICI!!!

3 comentarii:

  1. I'm hosting my first giveaway and you're ivited to take a look ! kisses

  2. Hello there!
    I would LOVE to participate in your giveaway!
    I am going to follow you. Should I leave my info to enter the giveaway? I will be sure to post your link on my twitter page! :)

    I love your blog, it's beautiful, so are your lovely nails.

    Kendra Richards
    Blog URL:
    My twitter link:

  3. Kendra, I'm not hosting a giveaway, the giveaway is hosted by another blog with the link, and it's only for Romanian blogers,that's why it is in romanian,not in english. I'm sorry