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luni, 22 februarie 2010

nail care:nail filers

it's time for nail care. i really don't know how to start, there are so many things to say. but first is first : nail filers

the first thing you should do is file your nails every time you do a manicure. you could use a buffer(1), a hard nail filer(2) if you have hard nails, or a glass filer(3). you should never use a metal filer(4), if you have one, throw it away! it makes your nails exfoliate and crack. it's really bad. when you file your nails, file in only one direction, to prevent the thining of the nails . i personally file only the tip of my nails, not the sides, because i have square nails. when you use a nail buffer,you should always use all 4 sides: 1.file nail edge, 2. remove ridges , 3. smooth nail, 4. shine nail. this way you will keep your nails shiny and healthy. i thing that's all about nail filers , if you have any questions, feel free to ask . bizou:*

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